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Logo Design Ottawa - Corporate Identity Development

You have a great company name and a vision that requires a professional logo design? Or want to update an old logo design?

Sometimes people think a logo is not important and will use any type of 'dohicky' or just type out their company name in a plain font. A logo is much more than that and you have come to the right place to have your logo identity developed.

According to the definition on wikipedia - A logo is "a graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. Logos are either purely graphic (symbols/icons) or are composed of the name of the organization (a logotype or wordmark)."

Your company logo is your unique signature. When repeatedly used in marketing material it will be associated with you and/or company. Your logo sets you apart from other companies and should be memorable. For example - Macdonalds 'golden arches', you can clearly envision that graphic symbol in your mind. If you only see the golden arches and not the name Macdonalds - you still know it is Macdonalds. This is a perfect example of a unique logo that has representational meaning, representational meaning coming from the strategic marketing of the brand carrying that symbol.

Start with developing a cool logo that represents you and/or company! See our completed logo design Ottawa projects

Web Site Design and Development Ottawa

Ready to enter the www with your own website design? Or want to update your old website design?

Today, having an existence on the www is a necessity for a company to communicate it's services and/or products. Without a website your reach is very limited.

What is a good website? The website design should be attractive, engaging and clearly communicating your message. The website design should also functionally serve your customers as well as you.

A number of things need to be determined prior to developing and designing your site, a clear understanding of your company vision, direction, target markets, amongst a few other details. From there we can establish the website structure and functions and then the designing process begins. Once you have your website created, it needs to be found so Search Engine Optimization SEO is vital to the overall process.

Lets start the website design process and get you up and running! See our completed web design Ottawa projects

Company Branding, Marketing and Advertising Ottawa

You have a fantastic business idea and plan but not sure where or how to start with your marketing and advertising? Or are you looking to rebrand your existing business?

You will require a marketing plan and all the accompanying visuals designed … basically a branding package. Welcome to Corporate Company Branding … your business plan is the starting point to develop your brand marketing strategies. It is important to have a marketing plan or you could be waisting money by missing your potential target market, communicating your message inaccurately, or using the wrong advertising vehicles amongst other pit falls. Having a branding (marketing) plan also establishes and controls spending budgets, creates ROI transparency revealing any required adjustments. Most or almost all successful companies - small or large - have a company branding (marketing) plan put into action.

Put your company into action with a branding / marketing plan! See our completed branding marketing Ottawa projects

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I'm Not Sure What I Need ... Realine your Company with Advertising and Marketing Strategies.

Has business slowed down? Your advertising and marketing efforts not returning the same ROI?

It is time to analyze and assess your business marketing strategy to uncover the areas that require improvement. Addressing these areas with fresh creative marketing can put your business back on track.

Realigning your strategy in parallel to the ever changing trends of peoples wants and needs is vital to success. We are in a fast pace environment where businesses can be left behind if they loose touch of their target market.

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