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  • Piksel Media Ottawa design provides functional design solutions for Ottawa businesses. Web Site Design and Development Ottawa, Web Design Ottawa, Logo Design ottawa, Company Branding Ottawa, Print Design Ottawa, Advertising Ottawa, Marketing Ottawa, Ad Design Ottawa.
  • O'Connor's Irish Pub - Web Site Design / Development
    AutoTrendz - Web Site Design / Development
    FleurWild Natural Skin Care Products - Web Site Design / Development
    True North Wellness - Web Site Design / Development
    Corporate-Hype - Web Site Design / Development
    FleurWild - Logo / Identity Design
    Fred Page Cup - Logo / Identity Design
    Astera Retreat - Logo / Identity Design
    Bontec Video Systems - Logo / Identity Design
    EverGreen Landscape - Logo / Identity Design
    Noble Rise - Web Site Design / Development SEO
    Urban Era Stone - Web Site Design / Development SEO
    Hybrid Structures - Web Site Design / Development
    AltiDesign - Web Site Design / Development
    Snelling Paper - Charity Web Page Design / Development
  • Cosmo Dental - Logo / Identity Design
    O'Connors Irish Pub - Logo / Identity Design
    Kanata Leisure Center - Logo / Identity Design
    Moose Factory Cabins - Logo / Identity Design
    Murray Lake Estates - Logo / Identity Design
    Opulent Auto Group - Logo / Identity Design
    Pescado Point - Logo / Identity Design
    FleurWild - Interactive Online Advertisement
    Piksel Media - Interactive Introduction
    Pescado Point - Online Interactive Ad
    City Health Magazine - Branding, Design, Coordination & Budgeting
    Astera Retreat - Brochure for Print, Online & Email
    AutoTrendz - Online Social Media & Print Marketing
    Bontec Video Systems - Print Marketing Collateral
    EverGreen Landscape - Print Brochure
  • Comfort Insulation - Trade Show Posters
    Hybrid Structures - Online & Print Marketing
    FleurWild - Branding & Online Social Media Marketing
    Hybrid Structures - Marketing Collateral
    Pescado Point -  Online & Print Information eBrochure
    Hybrid Structures - Trade Show Design & Coordination
    Pescado Point - Online & Email Newsletter
    True North - Power Point Presitation
    FleurWild - Product Packaging / Display
    Bontec Video - Product Case Design
    Childs' Play House - Interior, hand painted wall murals.
    Photography - Green Gecko, Cuba.
    Photography - Brown Bear catching a treat, Canada.
    Photography - Old car with odd plate, Cuba.
    Photography - Head Art, Chatsworth Castle,  England.
I need a Logo Design

So you have a great company name and a vision that requires a logo design? Or want to update an old logo design?

Sometimes people think a logo is not important and will use any type of 'dohicky' or just type out their company name in a plain font. A logo is much more than that and you have come to the right place to have your logo identity developed.

Your company logo is your unique signature. When repeatedly used in marketing material it will be associated with you and/or company. Your logo sets you apart from other companies and should be memorable. ...

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I need Everything !

You have a fantastic business idea and plan but not sure where or how to start with your marketing?

You need a marketing plan and all the accompanying visuals designed … basically a Company Branding package. Welcome to Corporate Company Branding … your business plan is the starting point to develop your brand marketing strategies. It is important to have a marketing plan or you could be waisting money by missing your potential target market, communicating your message inaccurately, or using the wrong advertising vehicles amongst other pit falls. ...

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I need a Web Design

Ready to enter the www with your own web design? Or your old website is just not working for you anymore?

Today, having an existence on the www is a necessity for a company to communicate it's services and/or products. Without a website your reach is very limited.

What is a good website? The website design should be attractive, engaging and clearly communicating your message. The website design should also functionally serve your customers as well as you. ...

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I'm not sure What I Need ...

Has business slowed down? Your marketing efforts not providing the same ROI?

It is time to analyze and assess your business marketing strategy to uncover the areas that require improvement. Addressing these areas with fresh creative marketing can put your business back on track.

Realigning your strategy in parallel to the ever changing trends of peoples wants and needs is vital to success. We are in a fast pace environment where businesses can be left behind if they loose touch of their target market. ...

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